Warriors News · VIP Push Cart Party in Saint John for Girl’s Golf Team

VIP Push Cart Party in Saint John for Girl’s Golf Team

On Wednesday, September 2nd, The Calumet Girl’s Golf team had an exciting road trip to J &M Golf, in St. John, to celebrate the VIP unveiling of their five matching Clicgear 4.0 push carts.  Through suggestion of Lake Ridge Board member Kim Osteen, Mr. Johnson helped initiate and solidify the process by working with Ms. Autumn Strong, the Executive Assistant to the President of  Indiana Golf, J & M Golf and the Girl’s Golf Team.

Tony Lane secured the right price, and all of our donors jumped at the chance to help facilitate our young players with the best equipment possible.  The total amount cost was nearly $1800. The carts themselves retail on the high end for up to $500 each. The total value of the five carts are a $2500 retail value.  This acquisition is a major game changer for not only the girl’s team, but also for the boy’s team.  The boys and girls share all of their golf equipment.


Nivea, Neveah, Kayla, Assistant Coach Racyne,  Tony Lane, Elizabeth Schouten, Lillian Tortolano

There were three major benefactors who made this purchase possible. Through the generous, personal donations from the Indiana Golf Board Members, including Board President Mike David, from the local business, J and M Golf,(Tony Lane), and  through the personal donation of our very own Lake Ridge Board President, Mr. Glen Johnson, the Calumet Girl’s Golf team was able to secure funds to purchase five Clicgear 4.0 push carts, with umbrella holders. The umbrellas were donated by Lake Ridge Board Member  Mrs. Kim Osteen the previous season.

Mr and Mrs. Johnson, Coach Racyne and Tony

The attendees of the VIP event included Nivea and Neveah Anderson, Kayla Congress, Elizabeth Schouten, Lillian Tortolano, Assitant Coach Racyne Johnson, Coach Miestowski, and our very own  Lake Ridge Board President , Mr. & Mrs.  Glen Johnson.  The anticipation could hardly be contained as we rolled up to J and M, they had a personal message on their marquee which read “Welcome Calumet Girl’s Golf Team!

Welcome sign “Welcome Calumet HS Girls Golf Team!” Tony, Lillian, Kayla, Elizabeth, Nivea, Neveah, Coach Racyne

The girl’s were extremely excited when they brought their clubs into J and M Golf.  Tony introduced himself and his staff while giving the team a grand tour of the golf shop.


Having fun with the Trackman golf simulator: Tony, Nivea, Lillian, Kayla, Elizabeth, cheer on Neveah who is on the hitting bay.

Their five push carts were aligned in a semi-circle with big fluffy bows, staged in the hitting bay area. The reception spread featured flowers, a red and white, checkered, tablecloth, desserts brought by the players, and a special VIP room where the team could eat, drink and mingle.

Taking a break in the VIP room. All 5 members are enjoying the down time.


Frontal view of the push carts with donated goody bags from J and M Golf


Side view of all 5 pushcarts and reception table full of goodies



Side view different perspective of goody bags and golf carts

After the tour of the store, Tony and his staff demonstrated several times how to break down and assemble their new carts.   Tony encouraged the girls to walk around the shop with their carts and golf bags, to get an idea on how to steer and stop the carts.  The girls glided in an out of the aisles like an Olympic figure skater executing her figure eight exercise with grace and poise.

Elizabeth, Tony, & Lillian: Tony is explaining the features on the 4.o model


Nevaeh on the Left and Kayla on the right, with Kyle discussing how to assemble and collapse the 4.0 Clicgear 4.0.


Nivea, on the twins taking the golf cart for a stroll, Neveah in the background.


Neveah taking the push cart for a stroll


Kayla about to take a stroll




Lillian taking a stroll
Elizabeth taking a stroll in the store


The girls enjoyed the space and even had opportunities to hit off the Trackman, a digital virtual driving range. Assistant Coach Racyne and Board President Mr. Glen Johnson were also at the reception encouraging the girls and enjoying their accomplishments.  J and M golf donated many items to the girls including ceramic Titleist cups, Titleist ball, tees, and other golf related items.  The reception lasted two hours and it was the highlight of their first  golf season.


Hanging out on the putting green: Tony, Neveah, Nivea, Elizabeth, Lillian, Kayla, Mr. Johnson, Coach Racyne.

The VIP party would not have been a success without the help of a host of staff members behind the scenes,  including the our Teachers, the Athletic Director,( Coach Kuntarich ), the Athletic Secretary,(Mrs. Acevado) the Office Manager,(Mrs. McCollum) the Guidance Secretaries, (Mrs. Branson and Mrs. Doran) the District Media Specialist,(Mrs. Williams), the Attendance Secretary, (Mrs. Cole) the Transportation Director,(Mrs. Dusseau),  and our teams’ families, and other donors.

Athletic Director Coach Kuntarich, with Coach Racyne supporting our girl’s at Summertree in Crown Point.


Elizabeth on the Trackman


Nivea on the Trackman


Lillian on the Trackman


Neveah setting up on the Trackman


Kalya at the Trackman


The girls cheered Coach Racyne on to Hit Driver

The task of acquiring five push carts seemed almost impossible at the beginning of the golf season. Because of Covid, people across the nation have been playing golf more than ever before. Currently, golf carts are impossible to purchase across the US, and all of the stores, including web sites, and physical locations, are simply sold out.  It was nearly impossible to purchase more than 2, 3, 4 because the demand in golf carts unbelievably high. Carts were flying off the shelves during the quarantine. People who never golfed before were now finding an interest because it was an encouraged sport to play because it automatically is a socially distant sport and spread out.

Golf is the only sport that people of all ages could play during the quarantine because it is played outside, and it is a non-contact sport. In fact, when Illinois what shut down, our northwest Indiana golf courses were flooded with people and it was nearly impossible to get a tee time the demand was so high.  Visiting Palmira, and Sherwood, and Oak Knoll, there were a majority of Illinois license plates filling up the parking lots.  It was great to see the local golf courses have a spike in patronage, but it was quite the challenge to get a tee time as a Hoosier.

Tony, Neveah, Nivea, Elizabeth, Lillian, Kayla,  Board President, Mr. Johnson, Coach Racyne

In conclusion, the girls had an exceptionally good time. The refreshments, customer service, mingling, hitting balls, visiting and working with a  local golf business for a great cause, made the wait so satisfying.  When Tony was speaking to a crowd during the reception, he said that in all of his years in the golf business, (25 years) no other High School team has ever done this type of fundraising for their golf team.  Calumet is the only team that has ever done anything of this magnitude. It was J and M’s first reception too.  We both celebrated a first and the girls are so lucky to have all of these special people who are looking out for them in this special time. On behalf of the Calumet New Tech High School Girl’s Golf team, I want to express my sincerest gratitude to Indiana Golf, to J and M Golf, and to our Board President Mr. Glen Johnson. Please follow our progress at @CNTGirlsGolf

Kayla, Lillian, & Elizabeth putting around on the greens in the store.


Kyle on the left helping Neveah, Nivea, and Kayla, Tony on the right helping Elizabeth and Lillian



Mr. Johnson encouraging the girls on the  Trackman


Elizabeth, Kayla, Lillian, Neveah, Nivea, Coach Racyne


How beautifully they collapse on our Journey Back to Calumet
Our first match with our beautiful golf carts


Nivea, Nevaeh, Kayla, Racyne, Elizabeth, waiting to tee of at Sumertree



Please follow our progress at @CNTGirlsGolf