Warriors News · Boys Cross Country Team Competes at Manchester Invite

Results from Manchester Invite:

La’Javon Thompson 19:03 (61st place)

Jordan Steele 20:50 (106th place)

Seth Hunt 20:57 (111th place)

-55 second season best and 35 second lifetime best

Owen Stokes 20:57 (112th place)

-1 minute 36 second season and 17 second lifetime best

Reichen Reeder 24:39 (147th place)

-10 minute 3 second season and lifetime best

Ulises Tobon 27:38 (153rd place)

-3 minute 49 second season and lifetime best


Overall, a good team performance and the best of the season. We have been running a lot the last few weeks and have been doing some hard workouts so it is nice to see the boys still able to race well with tired legs. On to Lowell next week! Hoping for more personal bests!